Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Planning Permission Refusal Haiku

The Development Control system, like all bureaucratic systems, operates in an often dry and impenetrable language which serves only to highlight the self-importance of the system itself. When one receives a letter stating that planning permission is refused and the reasons are given using such overwrought and obtuse phrases like "adversely affecting adjoining residential amenity", "obtrusive visual bulk and oppressiveness" and "harmful discordance in the public realm", one is led to hopeless despair.

To prevent this, I propose that reasons for refusal be given in haiku format to inspire zen-like consideration of one's town planning transgressions, thus leading to better quality planning applications and avoiding needless self-harm.

Here's some I prepared earlier.

Modern design in

Conservation Area

Is not in keeping

Such rear projection,

Due to loss of light, will harm

Their amenity

Parking provision-

Amount is contrary to

Council policy

The scheme’s density:

It’s outside the range set out

In the London Plan

The proposed flats have

Inadequate floorspace.

Not acceptable.

Application form

Was completed in a way

That is incorrect

No space for a car

Travel options are few.

Need cycle parking

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